Past President President President-elect Secretary Treasurer Chair Nominating Committee
Founding in 1982   Lipkovic Shutze Thomas Wood Hegert  
1982-1992 (no records)
1992-1994   McConnell Clack Wickham Hegert  
1994-1996 McConnell Clack Wickham (as VP) Hegert Hegert  
1996-1997 (No elections; officers are considered to have continued past term) Adams
1997-1999 Clack Adams (none),[1]
Huser,[2] Herrmann, Berkland[3] Herrmann Coburn
1999-2001 Adams Nelson Rao Berkland,[4] Beaver Herrmann,[5] Stewart (none)[6]
2001-2003 Nelson Rao[7] None Beaver Stewart (none)[8]
2003-2005 Vacant Scheuerman (none), Bell[9] Beaver,[10] Adams Stewart Gulino
2005-2006 Scheuerman Bell
2006-2007 Adams11 Stewart Gulino
2007-2008 Bell Coburn Vega12 Gulino
2008-2009 Adams Stewart Broussard
2009-2010 Coburn Cina Minyard Broussard
2010-2011 Adams Bell Broussard
2011-2012 Cina Minyard Pfalzgraf
2012-2013 Coburn Bell Broussard
2013-2015 Minyard Pfalzgraf  Wolf Coburn Bell Broussard 
2014-2015 Broussard 
2015-2016 Pfalzgraf Wolf Utz Coburn Bell Broussard 
2016-2017 Vega Broussard 
2017-2018 Vega Utz Stephany Coburn Bell Blanton

[1] At the 1997 meeting Dr Nelson was nominated but declined. He was appointed by the president and accepted in Dec 1997, a few months after the annual meeting. He was confirmed in the office by election in 1998.
[2] Resigned 15 Oct 1997. Dr. Herrmann was appointed by the president to serve out the remainder of Dr. Huser’s term as secretary.
[3] Elected in 1998.
[4] Ceased work as associate medical examiner and ceased work as Secretary during his term. Dr. Beaver was elected to replace him in 2000.
[5] Left the State of Florida before completing her term. Dr. Stewart was elected in 2000 to fill the remainder of her term.
[6] Officers for the 2001-2003 term were nominated from the floor at the annual meeting.
[7] Left the State of Florida before completing her term.
[8] Dr. Scheuerman was nominated from the floor at the annual meeting. No president-elect was nominated.
[9] Drs Bell, Adams, and Stewart were elected, elected, and re-elected, respectively, in a special election in Feb 2005.
[10] Resigned May 2004. Dr. Adams was appointed by President Sheuerman to fill out the term.
11In 2005 the members voted to end the terms of the secretary and treasurer in 2006 in order to have two-year terms that overlap rather than coincide with those of the presidents.
12Dr. Vega resigned in July 2009 because he had been recently named to the Medical Examiners Commission. The Nominating Committee brought forth names for President as well as President-elect.